Mr. Wrong

Valerie D.
Jul 27, 2022
A conference name tag reads: Hello, my name is Mr. Wrong

You show me who you are

All the time

I refuse to see it

I grant the benefit of doubt

I’m optimistic

Though my messages go unanswered

Days go by

And the moment I mention sex

You finally reply

Deflation exists when I realize

You’re not pursuing me

You’re seducing me

I had such high hopes

And I fell in love with that fantasy

Rather than the reality

And every time I try to walk away

You whisper sweet nothings to make me stay

It’s my weakness

Eventually I’ll learn

And get tired of this cycle

I should know better

Right now I’m still in denial

That I could ever be fooled

I’ll keep that secret

But I’m warming up to the idea

You’ll never change

And I deserve better

So when I cut ties

It’ll be for good

And I’ll thank you for the lesson



Valerie D.

Every year I poke my head outside my comfort zone and then I pull it right back. This is me poking - deciding what to share.