Weekly Tarot Reading: An exciting time — it’s really happening!

A beautiful tarot reader is surrounded by a candle, a red flower, and tarot cards fanned out on a table in front of her. She has one card in her palm, examining it for it’s meaning.
Credit: dailyiowan.com

What’s going on: After the storm, your rainbow appears. You are coming out of a dark time, of which you questioned things — yourself, your ideas, your choices, your resilience. But, you made it out of the storm and good things are approaching.

What is it you don’t see: You’ve put in hard work to improve a situation in which you felt stuck.Your discipline, tenacity and dedication to get unstuck put the wheels in motion. You’ve done your part and now you’ll be rewarded by the universe for your efforts.

Advice: Some things are out of your control. Offer grace, peace and compassion for those on the other end that are working with you to achieve your goals. They may be overcoming challenges of their own to meet you halfway, or reach your level. Exercise patience — everything’s happening the way it’s supposed to; I’m so happy for you!

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Valerie D.

Every year I poke my head outside my comfort zone and then I pull it right back. This is me poking - deciding what to share.