Weekly Tarot Reading: Doing Some Housekeeping

A silohuette of a person in yoga’s lotus pose, with the sun setting in the background
Photo Credit: YouTube.com/c/MeditationandHealing

What’s going on: You’re deciding what should stay and what should go. Whether applied to spring cleaning in your home, toxic relationships or a mismatched work environment, in an effort to introduce positivity into your life, you’re considering eliminating things that bring you to a negative space.

What is it you don’t see: There is an energy surrounding you that is inspired to take drastic action and do the same. Someone wants to make the cut in your clean-up journey. This person wants to build with you and form a strong foundation.

Advice: Be sure to take accountability for your role in each situation. Otherwise the less-than-desirable situations of which you’re cutting out, will repeat if you don’t nip it in the bud. To make room for positive abundance, it is necessary to reduce or eliminate negative influences and thoughts. Don’t be hard on yourself. Cleansing is always an ongoing process and takes practice.

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Valerie D.

Every year I poke my head outside my comfort zone and then I pull it right back. This is me poking - deciding what to share.