Weekly Tarot Reading: More Than One Way to Accomplish a Goal!

A psychic pulls back a curtain to invite a customer to her table for a tarot reading. The table displays a tarot card, crystal ball and candles.
Credit: freepik | psychic reading

What’s going on: Something is improving in your life. There could be something reconciled now that all parties are on board to make some corrections.

What is it you don’t see: There have been times when you thought about giving up and redirecting your energy elsewhere. It seems the subtle advancements are instead encouraging you to stay motivated and accomplish your goals.

Advice: Engage your network and listen to suggestions, ideas, brainstorms. Listen to everything and consider how to make those suggestions your own. There’s more than one way to accomplish a goal and something expressed might be just the nudge you needed to refine your own ideas and find success.

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Valerie D.

Every year I poke my head outside my comfort zone and then I pull it right back. This is me poking - deciding what to share.