Weekly Tarot Reading: More Time for Yourself

Valerie D.
1 min readOct 18, 2022


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What’s Going On: You are in a state of mind of manifesting abundance. There’s a desire to improve a situation having given so much energy, focus and attention to a certain situation. You may have realized you were over-functioning and giving too much to that situation, forcing yourself to recognize your own needs were not being met. That changes now. You’re treating yourself to well-deserved attention.

What is it You Don’t See: You’re leaving behind the old phase of over-functioning. Favors for others will no longer command all your free time, especially for those who wouldn’t reciprocate. This leaves time for tasks and activities that make you feel more happy and fulfilled.

Advice: Those who took advantage of your generosity will funnel out of your life, while true relationships remain. Friends and family respect your boundaries. This is a good thing. This results in a lifestyle change for you. You’re being more selective and intentional about how you spend your time. Have fun!

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