Image of cartoon tarot reader holding one card in hand with three more cards spread on the table in front of her

What’s Going On: a partnership you thought would go the distance seems to have become stagnant.

What you don’t see: Things may be imbalanced. You would like to move this along to move out of a rut.

Advice: You’ve already given your all to the connection but you need your partner to pull their weight. By making collaboration a requirement, this person realizes they need to contribute more and teamwork will make this situation successful.

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A psychic has tarot cards fanned out in front of her as she examines the one in her hand

What’s Going On: There’s a shift in direction and you’re navigating toward a new stage in your life. You are shifting your focus with a renewed desire to expand.

What You Don’t See: You may need to do more research and gain information to make more informed decisions as you move forward. You might want to gain as much information as you can by networking or referrals. Use the information available before making a final decision.

Advice: There’s still room to grow and invest for your future. If you take your time researching before you invest, you will be successful in your endeavors.

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A psychic pulls back a curtain to invite a customer to her table for a tarot reading. The table displays a tarot card, crystal ball and candles.
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What’s going on: Something is improving in your life. There could be something reconciled now that all parties are on board to make some corrections.

What is it you don’t see: There have been times when you thought about giving up and redirecting your energy elsewhere. It seems the subtle advancements are instead encouraging you to stay motivated and accomplish your goals.

Advice: Engage your network and listen to suggestions, ideas, brainstorms. Listen to everything and consider how to make those suggestions your own. There’s more than one way to accomplish a goal and something expressed might be just the nudge you needed to refine your own ideas and find success.

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An image of a deck of tarot cards, the sun card and moon fanned to show their images
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What’s going on: You might be leaving something behind, perhaps an idea that was unsuccessful, to refine the plan then revisit. You aren’t giving up but may be approaching it from a new vantage point.

What is it you don’t see: There are network connections available. Use your resources to learn new methods or ideas you may not have considered before.

Advice: Listen to all the advice and suggestions offered but use your own instincts to discern which method is best for you. Success appears at an unexpected time. It took longer than you planned but count on it arriving.

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An image of tarot cards fanned out over a table and the reader’s hands hovering over them.
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What’s going on: A new relationship is forming. You may not be openly speaking about this new partnership. You want to see where things go before announcing or making introductions.

What is it you don’t see: There is a cycle of hardships you’re working to overcome. This new partnership is helping to one-by-one eliminate the hurdles that are burdensome.

Advice: Beyond financial gain and material wealth, you’re seeking something stable and reliable. Let your guard down and accept help. You don’t have to do this alone to be successful.

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A tarot reader’s left hand, decorated with gold jewelry, holds tarot cards in this hand while flipping the cards over to reveal the images with the other.
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What’s going on: You’ve been indecisive about a decision, experience thoughts of “should I” or “shouldn’t I?” You often start to move forward with plans but sometimes get side-tracked by other obligations.

What is it you don’t see: Making the decision to move forward is going to make you feel fulfilled. Everything is going to improve.

Advice: Focus on the connections you have in your life. Nurture the relationships that want to see you succeed. Reduce or remove interactions with those that don’t have your best interests at heart.

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A conference name tag reads: Hello, my name is Mr. Wrong

You show me who you are

All the time

I refuse to see it

I grant the benefit of doubt

I’m optimistic

Though my messages go unanswered

Days go by

And the moment I mention sex

You finally reply

Deflation exists when I realize

You’re not pursuing me

You’re seducing me

I had such high hopes

And I fell in love with that fantasy

Rather than the reality

And every time I try to walk away

You whisper sweet nothings to make me stay

It’s my weakness

Eventually I’ll learn

And get tired of this cycle

I should know better

Right now I’m still in denial

That I could ever be fooled

I’ll keep that secret

But I’m warming up to the idea

You’ll never change

And I deserve better

So when I cut ties

It’ll be for good

And I’ll thank you for the lesson



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